A fragrance is not only used to give a pleasant smell to a person or environment, fragrances have the effect of arousing emotions and remind you: a person, a city, a hotel, a clothing store, a brand, the smell of the grandparents’ house, Christmas, among other experiences and moments lived.

Alcoholic Fragrances

Worldwide the big perfume houses rule the market with their releases, the floral and sweet are two of the most used notes in the world for women perfumes, in case of men perfumes, you can detect uses of notes such as Vanilla, Cinnamon and Citrus, in their exit notes.

Range of Alcoholic Fragrances are:


Functional Fragrances

Generate experiences, impact and identity, are significant elements for people when choosing the fragrance that scent their homes, cars, clothes and workplaces. Therefore, having functional products that encapsulate or neutralize unwanted odors and release pleasant aromas, has become the main factor in the purchase decision of consumers.

House Holds Products

Different interactions with the environment and spaces are managed at home, key factors in the generation of memorable aromatic experiences for consumers. Finding products with a balance between their smells and their functionality is one of the biggest challenges of this market.

Innovative solutions are increasingly common to aromatize homes; the use of diverse products such as air fresheners for spaces and textiles, candles, oils, and aromatic pastes is increasingly common. Consumers want each space of their home to have a characteristic smell, a fragrance that gives it personality and status according to the experiences created and the specific needs.


The cosmetic market is without a doubt one of the most important in the world due to the growth of its trends and the large amount of sales it registers each year.

Consumers in this segment are looking for fragrances with rounded, pleasant and very aromatic profiles. To satisfy this need, manufacturers and suppliers must take on the task of interpreting the true tastes, insights, and expectations of the market, ensuring that the products offered have the greatest impact.

In contrast to this important attribute, there is a strong trend that seeks to give a functional factor to most cosmetic products, by adding innovative formulas and compositions, creating value, differentiation, and recognition in the market.

Personal Care

The launches in Personal Care are a reflection of what has been happening in the market and the phenomenon of globalization. For this reason, some of the most important perfume houses have taken the opportunity to constantly improve their most emblematic profiles and innovate taking into account the consumer’s willingness to accept new proposals.

In recent years, the category of personal care has presented an important growth since people are looking for profiles that reflect or highlight personality traits. This means that companies have to adapt to market growth, are agile in creating perfumes inspired by great brands and are constantly looking for olfactory notes that give the characteristic touch to their fragrances.